pure home spaces 



  air pollution concerns for families in our towns make detoxing homes a no brainer!
 air in the home can be 10 times more polluted than outside
     you wouldn’t have polluted food right! so why have polluted air?


we can check air quality in bristol and advise and supply affordable air purifiers to meet your needs across the uk


our NEW LOW COST medical GRADE air purifiers are available for you to buy online now!      

with full backup 12 months guarantee


feel free to email for help or information 



new effective medical air purifiers

  • blow medically clean air into your home in minutes WITH efficient low energy 

  • captures 99% or more of allergens pollutants and gases from the air with large filters down to o.oi microns with LESS DUSTING AND HOOVERING

  • air purifiers really can make a big difference to sufferers of COPD, STROKE, HEART DISEASE AND LIVER DISEASE by significantly REDUCING INTERNAL CLOGGING AND INFLAMMATION 

  • helps ASTHMA SUFFERERS BREATHE EASILY for LESS WORRY at home and the workplace 

  • confidence knowing your family is much safer from internal and external home pollutants

  • copd customers noticed vast improvement with their breathing within weeks reporting a 35% improved lung capacity using our medical grade purifiers just 2 hours before bed 

visit our shop for more details


medical filtration

twin – high end commercial grade  7 stage composite filters for efficient air cleaning of particulate matter from your home as small as 20 nanometers

powerful energy saving controls

To create perfect health environment with 3 speed air and whisper quiet 17 decibels sleep mode with 12 hour timer  and 80 watts low energy

800 cubed metres clean air delivery per hour

high end real time pm 2.5 sensor automatically cleaning by diffusing air 360 degrees evenly around your room space for fast efficient whole room detox 



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